Selena Gomez, Mandy Teefey and Daniella Pierson announce the first drop of Wondermind, the world’s first mental fitness ecosystem with a mission to democratize and destigmatize mental health globally via daily editorial content, insightful entertainment, and tangible tools.

Wondermind founders Selena Gomez, Daniella Pierson and Mandy Teefey
Wondermind founders Selena Gomez, Daniella Pierson and Mandy Teefey

Wondermind is a comprehensive, multifaceted platform designed to offer a new category of inclusive mental fitness support, while normalizing mental health by covering honest, real-life topics. Inspired by the founders’ own mental health journeys, Gomez, Teefey and Pierson have joined forces to create a platform rooted in actionable healing, for all gender identities, races and ages, all developed in partnership with their committee of licensed professionals from diverse fields and backgrounds.

“Every person has their own mental health journey. If we ignore them, glamorize them or hide them from the world, it doesn’t change that the journey is very real,” says co-founder, entrepreneur and mental health advocate Selena Gomez. “Wondermind is extending a larger mental health conversation that began for so many during this pandemic.”

Wondermind is taking expert-backed treatment methods and turning them into a more creative and more accessible resource. It will debut with a 3x weekly newsletter content experience featuring guided and editorialized content–offering tips, resources, interviews and a compelling point of view on mental health. In addition to speaking to experts and giving a stage to raw and real content, they will also debut a monthly “cover story” featuring global names.

This summer, Wondermind will also launch a weekly podcast and audio experience, “MindHit,” that features approachable, honest interviews with a variety of notable personalities, including prominent psychiatrists, athletes and celebrities and leaves listeners with actionable insights and advice. As part of the podcast network, a second podcast will launch, featuring conversations with founders and leaders in the business world getting real about their mental fitness and mindsets. The newsletter and podcast network will be followed by an innovative product line which will include first-of-their-kind physical tools, created in partnership with top mental health professionals, to encourage users to make tangible progress in their own mental fitness. Wondermind will eventually develop into a multimedia brand producing TV and original film content.

“We hope to be the one stop shop for all aspects of mental fitness. We have taken an unexpected and innovative chance on the way people can understand and participate in a creative foundation to show anyone that a shift is possible,” says co-founder and co-CEO Mandy Teefey. “Far from medical or preachy, we’ve struck a balance between education, media and self-reflection that truly inspires growth.”

“We created Wondermind as a mental fitness ecosystem where everyone is welcome,” adds co-founder and co-CEO Daniella Pierson. “We hope to democratize and destigmatize mental health by providing users with content, tools, and resources backed by proven science and psychological treatments, while normalizing the conversation on a global scale.”

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