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Football manager Bobby Robson has something else to celebrate besides beating cancer five times – his cancer charity, the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation, has just celebrated its first anniversary, raising more than double its goal of £500 thousand.

He created the Foundation not only to provide early cancer detection and treatments, but also to provide clinical trials of new drugs at the Northern Centre for Cancer Care in the Freeman Hospital in the UK. However, he’s done far more than just that.

According to a Press Association Ltd. report, he achieved the first £500 thousand within the first seven weeks of the charity launch, reached £1.2 million within a year, and the centre is already running and able to support a staff doctor and nurse.

“To achieve that goal so quickly was simply beyond our wildest dreams,” Robson told the Press Association. "It was incredible to see the money flood in like it did. The support for my charity has been phenomenal and I have to say I’ve been very touched by it.

“…I said I’d give it a year but I’m still going, still fighting. It’s not always easy but through this charity I’ve met some wonderful people, some very faithful people, and as long as the commitment and belief is there I’ll continue to help for as long as I can.”

Additional money raised will go towards cancer related projects in the North East.

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