Sir Paul McCartney has called on the European Parliament to implement a ban on the sale of all seal products.

The former Beatle has added his name to a petition organized by The Humane Society and Respect For Animals urging the Members of European Parliament (MEPs) to make the trading of goods made from seals illegal, in order to stop hunters from brutally beating the creatures for their meat and skin.

“The fate of millions of seal pups is in the hands of elected members of the European Parliament,” said McCartney. "In the next few weeks, they will have a historic opportunity to stop the cruel trade in seal products throughout the European Union.

“I’ve signed the petition to ask MEPs to seize this momentous opportunity to end, once and for all, this trade in animal cruelty. Please, make your voice heard too — join me in signing this important petition today.”

Paul McCartney has long been a supporter of the seal protection campaign, and visited the harp seal nursery off Canada’s east coast in 2006. According to the Humane Society, “This year’s Canadian seal kill — the largest slaughter of marine mammals on Earth — has just taken place off the country’s east coast. The 2009 quota was set at 280,000 animals — and more than one million seal pups have been clubbed or shot to death over the last four years.”

To put your own name to the petition, click here.

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