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Hugh Jackman followed through on his April 14th promise to donate $100,000 to charity based on the best 140 character or less message explaining why their chosen charity should get the cash.

Jackman sent out a tweet announcing the recipients, "Thank you for all of your passionate responses. I have chosen charity:water and Operation of Hope. Keep your generous spirit flowing!" He also announced the recipients live on Ryan Seacrest's morning radio show.

On Seacrest’s show, Jackman said he got so many great tweets about great causes that he was unable to choose just one. The two that recieve the final donation are the two that “really got him.”

Charity:Water is a New York City based non-profit which focuses on bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations. Charity:Water was founded in 2006 and since then it has helped fund 1,247 projects in 14 countries and has brought 669,045 people clean and safe drinking water. For more information, visit

Operation of Hope is a non-profit medical foundation started in 1989. Its mission is to donate surgeries to children who have facial deformities. The charity has an all-volunteer medical team. Operation of Hope performs facial surgeries on poor children around the world. All the operations are performed free of charge and all of their surgeons are Board Certified. For more information, visit

During the interview Hugh expressed his amazement with the communication potential that Twitter has. “It’s just amazing to me that Twitter has now become a way for people to start talking about things that are really important to them and making a difference.”

We’re glad that Hugh recognized this potential. He not only helped two charities with donations but also helped many good causes spread the word about their efforts.

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