Newly launched Image of Change plans to bring like-minded leaders together in the sports, entertainment and corporate industries that support a diverse scope of programs to empower and change local communities around the world.

“I founded Image of Change in response to the growing need for a professional philanthropic agency,” announced Jodie Blum, the organization’s founder and president. “Too often I have seen the best intentions fall short of their goals. It has become obvious that many individuals who are looking to partner with great causes do not always have the resources, time or expertise to initiate a charitable foundation. Image of Change will remove the overwhelming aspect of operating a charitable foundation and therefore give the full attention to the partnership of these humanitarians and the causes they support.”

Image of Change will serve as a philanthropic brand-management agency and collective platform to bring together high-profile humanitarians. Their personal, as well as shared commitments, to be positive examples, role models, models, mentors and activists in global change will transform the way that society identifies giving back.

“Everything Jodie does is completed with dedication and care,” says veteran actor Clint Eastwood. “Image of Change is sure to be a success with her at the helm.”

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