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Justin Timberlake is to open a new eco-friendly golf course.

The music star purchased land in Tennessee 2 years ago. The land was originally called Big Creek Golf Course, and Timberlake bought the land to prevent it from being used for commercial development. The singer then decided to make it environmentally friendly by turning it into a green golf course. This news comes as Timberlake’s golf memoirs are being sent out to publishers by his literary agent.

Mirimichi, the name of the golf course, has been certified by the Audubon Classic Sanctuary Program. This is the first time the program has ever certified a golf course to be eco-friendly. According to the Associated Press, Timberlake spent $16 million to get the golf course into it’s economically re-vamped state. It has also been reported that Timberlake has already tested out part of the course. Greg King, director of golf at Mirimichi, is anxious for the celebrity owner to return and play the full course.

Mirimichi is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and is set to open to the public on July 25th, 2009.

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