The 2009 Save The World Awards were held in Austria on July 24, and honored Michael Jackson for his charity work.

Held at the Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant in Lower Austria, the evening was filled with many moving moments, emotional highlights and important messages with the motto “Heal The World”.

The first global honors presented to exceptional individuals and organizations working toward a peaceful, sustainable and livable future was hosted by Hollywood star and fashion icon, Andie MacDowell. 2,500 guests at the grand event, and millions of people around the world, followed a pioneering TV gala dealing with important issues accompanied by numerous music and show highlights. Michael Jackson posthumously received a 2009 SAVE THE WORD AWARD for his many humanitarian contributions. His brother Jermaine, who performed the songs “Smile” and “I’ll be there,” accepted this special award in Michael’s honor.

The Awards also honored Carl Lewis for his charity work “to empower youth, adults and families through Track & Field activities, and to enhance their life condition through wellness and education.” Several non-profit agencies were also honored, including Greenpeace.

“[Greenpeace is] unbelievably persistent, to the point of irritation,” said the organizers. "However, they have been undoubtedly successful regardless of their methods. We have their perseverance to thank that the world has taken notice and for increasing environmental awareness, as well as for initiating the Kyoto agreements.

“Their engineers developed the “Greenfreeze” technology for the first climate and ozone-friendly refrigerator that, in the meantime, has become the industry standard, significantly reducing greenhouse gases.

“Their campaign for “greener electronics” forced an entire industry to produce environmental-friendly appliances. Energy saving has evolved into one of the most important sales arguments for everything from the computer to the car industry.

“Energy responsibility is an ongoing process. There is much going on and now it is the time to act – and Greenpeace is acting in all our best interests.”

Thomas Henningsen, coordinator of Greenpeace’s international climate work and who collected the award, stressed, “Climate change is by far the most serious and urgent threat facing the world. It’s not too late, we can still avert climate catastrophe, but we need to see urgent action, now. If world leaders fail to act then our future will be characterized by poverty, resource wars, mass migration, mass starvation and mass extinction.”

“We can use new technology, and start making the changes that obviously need to be made. There are better ways and it does cost money, but we are going to have to do it,” said Andie MacDowell.

Jermaine Jackson, who accepted a posthumous award for his brother, said, “What Greenpeace is doing is definitely representative of what Michael’s messages have been in his music. It’s up to all of us, together, to make a change. World leaders should take a look at what we’re trying to say with music: Heal the world, make this a better place!”

To find out more about the event, click here.

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