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A 14-year-old boy from The Netherlands has written a great story on Jackie Chan’s website about the lessons he has learned from the action star about charitable giving.

“I want to thank Jackie for teaching me about charity,” wrote Thomas Engelmoer, who has spent much of the last few years fundraising for Chan’s Dragon's Heart Foundation and recently met his hero in Beijing. “I have learned how meaningful it is to help raise money for charity and that it can also be a lot of fun. It makes me very happy to know that through the Build a School for a Dollar project I can help children… get a good education so that they have a better chance for a better future.”

The Dragon’s Heart Foundation strives to meet the needs of poverty-stricken children and the elderly in the hardest-to-reach areas of China. Jackie Chan has made several trips to villages in these remote locations, bringing warm clothing, wheelchairs and school supplies, and helping to build schools. In 2006, the Build a School for a Dollar project began on Jackie’s Kids Corner website. The initiative sees children from all over the world raise money for charity, and for every dollar raised, Chan matches the donation. Over US $140,000 has been raised for Jackie’s Dragon’s Heart Foundation to help build schools in remote areas of China. The project was begun as a way to involve children in charitable giving and it has grown to include adults as well.

According to the Foundation: “Jackie’s fans have come up with dozens of creative ways to raise money. There have been bake sales, craft sales, sponsored bicycle rides, and Chinese writing lessons among the many good ideas for fundraising.”

To read Thomas’ full story and find out how you can help this worthy charity, click here.

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