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Musician Moby has announced that he will donate the profits from his upcoming shows in California to help those affected by domestic violence.

Moby hopes to raise between $75,000 and $100,000 from three shows in San Diego, San Francisco and Los Angeles and donate the money to charities that help victims, following July’s decision to cut all funding for California’s domestic violence program.

“In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a lot of money,” Moby told the Associated Press. “But it’s going to directly harm the women who benefit from these programs.”

Moby was disgusted to hear of the ruling to cut the funding, and has witnessed domestic violence at its worst.

“My mother was in a long relationship with a guy who was very, very abusive and at one point I had to stop him from stabbing her to death,” said the singer. “The more I know about domestic abuse, I’m really grateful that it wasn’t worse.”

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