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Russell Crowe has arranged for a large and expensive prop from his new Robin Hood film to be given to a charity which aims to raise awareness of Scottish culture and heritage.

The battering ram will be used by the Clanranald Trust in a medieval fort it is building which aims to create an arena where people can experience the atmosphere of an authentic medieval working community.

“Russell and I have kept in touch over the years and he knew a bit about the fort we’re building,” said the trust’s chief executive, Charlie Allan, who worked with the actor on Gladiator. “While we were on the set [of Robin Hood] near Farnham in Surrey he suggested trying to get some of the props. I had my eye on some tents, which I thought would look good until we got our long houses built. He said he’d do what he could to help and the very next day he came to me with a huge grin on his face, grabbed me by the sleeve, pointed at the battering ram and said, ’It’s all yours’.”

It’s not the first time Russell Crowe has shown his charitable side while working on Robin Hood. Earlier this year he replaced a car belonging to one of the crew that was destroyed, and he also donated £1,000 to a charity shop located near the set

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