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The Duchess of Cornwall, president of the Brooke animal welfare charity, has recognised a UK teenager, Emily Hanstock, for raising £3,000 pounds to help suffering horses, donkeys and mules in foreign lands, according to The Press Association.

Dorothy Brooke, the organisation’s founder, set up an equine hospital in 1934 – called Old War Horse Memorial Hospital – to address the appalling condition of ex-WWI British horses, emaciated and mistreated on the streets of Cairo. The Duchess recalled her cavalry officer father voicing similar anxieties for the horses being taken to Egypt.

Today, Brooke supports clinics caring for over half a million horses per year and training owners in the poorest parts of Asia, Africa, Central and South America and the Middle East. In communities where people earn less than a dollar a day, these animals are vital to the survival of many families.

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