Comedian and actor Eddie Izzard surprised a homeless shelter in Wales last week when he dropped in for a chat.

Llamau works in South Wales to improve the lives of socially excluded, homeless people. Izzard, who recently ran 43 marathons for charity, dropped in at the charity to learn more about their work and raise awareness for their annual Christmas gift appeal.

The charity was the one of the first specialist young person’s support providers in Wales and was originally founded when a group of concerned social workers and probation officers realised that there was nowhere for their young people to go when they left the care system or came out of an institution. ‘Llamau’ is an old Welsh word for ‘steps’ ‘progression’ or ‘threshold’ and typifies the work they have been undertaking for over 18 years – developing and providing a wide range of innovative and holistic services to meet the needs of a very vulnerable and high risk client group. They are specialist providers of advice, accommodation and support services to homeless young people with exceptionally high support needs, a client group that few other organisations are willing or able to assist.

The charity recently launched its 2009 Christmas gift appeal: “If you opened your Christmas presents and found another set of toiletries you don’t need or socks that don’t fit, or a DVD or CD you already have – don’t just consign them to the back of the wardrobe. Donate them to the vulnerable young homeless people Llamau supports and make them feel cared for and valued – what better gift could you give? Send your gifts to us here at Cathedral Road, along with your contact details so we can say thank you.”

To find out more about the charity and the appeal, visit the official website.

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