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Musician Sean Kingston is enjoying a climb up the music charts with his hits “Beautiful Girls,” “Fire Burning,” and “Face Drop,” and now the music maker is appearing in an ad for PETA with his furry friend Stella, asking us to “Chill With Your Dogs. Never Chain Them.”

As a dog lover, Kingston encourages his fans to think of them as a member of your family. Dogs are social pack animals that crave and deserve companionship, making the practice of chaining dogs one of the cruelest things that you can do to an animal. Most ‘chained’ dogs become victim to attacks from other animals or inhumane people, they can also injure themselves by getting tangled in their chain, and often suffer from a number of illnesses as a result of exposure to extreme weather and constant confinement.

It’s simple: Kingston and PETA are just asking that you care for your dog properly, give him or her plenty of love and affection, including walks and belly rubs. You can check out behind-the-scenes footage from Sean’s photo shoot and hear him speak about his own dogs and why being a good animal guardian is so important to him.

If you want to follow Sean’s lead and make a positive difference in dogs’ lives, check out PETA’s tips and work with local legislators to ban chaining in your community once and for all.

Visit Sean’s MySpace page to see when he’ll be coming to a city near you, and enter to win a special prize. Fill out the short form below by January 18, 2010, for a chance to win 1 of 2 copies of Sean’s CD Tomorrow or 1 of 5 photographs signed by Sean himself! Seven winners will be chosen at random and notified by February 1, 2010.

Source: PETA

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