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Irish pop star Sharon Corr took part in a fun evening of charity mayhem on New Years Eve and won over €27,000 (US$38,500) for the homeless.

The musician was part of Celebrity Winning Streak, and won the money for the Dundalk Simon Community. The Simon Communities are a partnership of homeless people and volunteers living and working together in a spirit of acceptance, tolerance and understanding throughout Ireland. According to the organization: “The Dundalk Simon Community has been working with people who experience homelessness for over thirty years. Exceptional work with significant outcomes has been achieved over these years and a vibrant and creative community of staff, volunteers, residents and former residents now form the backbone of the organisation. From its beginnings as a soup run in 1973, Dundalk Simon has grown and developed in a manner that has placed the needs of people who are homeless in Dundalk to the forefront of everything we do.”

To see a video of Sharon on the show, visit her official website.

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