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On Friday, September 28th, at the Temecula Creek Inn, actor Will Ferrell took part in the 2007 Cancer for College Golf Tournament and Dinner Banquet to benefit cancer survivors and help them reach their goal of a college education. The event was hosted by Cancer for College founder Craig Pollard, who is a two-time Hodgkin’s disease survivor and fraternity brother of Ferrell’s.

“Each year I’ve gotten more and more involved directly, I think Craig first just invited me as a friend, you know a former fraternity brother to come and have a good time, and each year we started thinking of more ways to give time to charity and so you know its grown” said Ferrell.

With about 240 golfers eagerly awaiting tee-off, Ferrell mingled among the participants who enjoyed a stellar BBQ complimented by island music. He was nothing short of down to earth and extremely sincere. When asked about the recent extra role in his new film Step Bothers that was sold at auctioned last week to benefit Cancer for College, Ferrell’s comedic nature surfaced.

“We auctioned off an extra role in the current film I’m working on now, called Step Brothers, it’s myself and John C. Reilly. We’re the new Abbott and Costello maybe?" He also was thrilled at the final bid of $47,100, and when asked if 100% of the proceeds will go to Cancer for College, the funny man was quick to respond, “No, I think I get it?” he said, “No 100% goes to charity and that’s another reason why this is such a special event because I don’t think I’ve ever been involved in a charity that gives so much directly to the kids.”

Thanks to Ferrell’s role in the charity, the 2007 Cancer for Charity event raised more than $150,000 for this very worthwhile foundation. And I say worthwhile because Ferrell himself put it onto perspective, “There is such a sweet nature to this whole event, and it’s really only run by Craig and his wife Stacey, so to see how far its grown- it just makes you want to help people in any way you can, and also to meet the kids it effects and the fact that they don’t turn any applicant away.”

Although Pollard has both legs amputated below the knees, he took to the greens and hit a line drive that seemed to disappear into space. Not only does he have a wicked swing, but a fierce spirit that inspires everyone who meets him.

“Craig is one of the more special individuals you’ll ever get to meet,” said Ferrell, “Between surviving cancer and having the (leg) amputations, it’s just someone that you really look up to. If you feel sorry for yourself for some reason one day, you kind of think about someone like Craig Pollard and you don’t really have a reason to [feel bad for yourself].”

Ferrell wasn’t the only one entertaining golfers along the greens. Minnesota based teamed up with Cancer for College by placing 18 different humorous sponsorship signs around the course. ’Today’s opportunity to flirt with the beer cart girl’ sponsored by Marriott is just one example. Others sponsored signs along the greens included ‘That tree on the right side of the fairway’; ‘the painfully slow play in front of you’; ‘the nagging guilt for taking today off’, and ‘the really bad player on your team’ were just a few that kept players smiling throughout the day. “With Will as host, it only seemed fitting that we throw something fun into each hole,” said Craig Pollard.

It’s also important to take note of the participants who shelled out big bucks to tee off for the greater good. Many were eagerly waiting tee time in their golf carts, while others mingled around the BBQ as Ferrell enjoyed his time with Pollard. All persons involved, from Will Ferrell and his wife Viveca Paulin, to Pollard and his family, to the participants, gathered together for an amazingly admirable quest to help those in need. The Cancer for College golf tournament and dinner banquet was one spectacular fundraiser that will no doubt continue to grow as word spreads about its heartfelt efforts.

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