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The British prime minister has joined some of the UK’s favorite famous faces in contributing to a special memory wall for the Alzheimer’s Research UK.

The wall features special memories from members of the public to draw attention to the condition and the charity, which aims to find treatments for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Prime minister Gordon Brown has contributed his memories of watching Scotland play Brazil in the 1982 World Cup, while Discworld author Sir Terry Pratchett – who suffers from Alzheimer’s – wrote: “The day my daughter was born. The elation – nothing could’ve gone wrong that night. I’d hate to lose that memory.”

TV presenter Michael Parkinson also wrote on the wall, recalling the smell of the coal works “across the fields where my father worked… I thought I’d end up there but I didn’t, thank God.”

The wall will be launched in Cambridge and will be displayed in the Grand Arcade from February 6. It will then travel around the UK. More information can be found at the Memories Matter website.

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