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Jackie Chan wants his fans to support the people in Haiti recover from the devastating earthquake damage that threatens to overwhelm the country.

“In the last couple of days, I’ve been watching the news about Haiti, especially during my training,” he wrote on his official website. "We just experienced the Sichuan earthquake, now we have the Haiti earthquake. I know it is very painful for a lot of people. I’ve been thinking of a way to help them. Right now, I feel like nobody can help except for the army and government. When natural disasters happen, I wish I could be Superman. Thank you to all the people in the world who are helping Haiti. One thing I really dislike is when people are not helping each other, but stealing from each other instead. These people should be punished! Right now, the country should be helping each other. Other countries and armies are coming in to help you, you should help yourselves! We recovered in China very quickly because we helped each other.

“During Chinese New Year every year, the Chinese press always ask me what I wish for. I always say that I wish for a healthy and peaceful world. There are so many things happening everyday. There are so many natural disasters every year, like tornados, tsunamis and earthquakes. Also, remember that many human beings create their own disaster. Humans fight each other, kill each other. Why can’t we work together instead of hating each other? You can choose a friend, but you cannot choose a neighbor. Your neighboring country has been there for thousands of years. Why is there so much hate at the border? Why is 3 or 4 inches of land so important for people to be murdered? The whole world should help each other. When I am not that busy, I am going to figure out how to really help Haiti. Right now, we should let the army help Haiti. My thoughts are with all the people in Haiti and all the armies who are helping them too.”


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