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Jackie Chan has made a charity trip to Qinghai, China, to bring supplies to victims of the devastating earthquake last week that has claimed over 1,484 lives and left over 12,000 injured.

“I’m deeply grateful to China Eastern Airlines for providing an airbus A320 plane for us to ship our relief supplies, and giving us the green light to fly into the area so we could bring all the supplies in on time,” blogged the star. "Even though we didn’t take any personal luggage with us, the cargo compartment of the plane was filled with relief supplies yet we still couldn’t fit all the supplies onto the plane.

“We knew that the disaster area were in desperate need of warm clothing and blankets. Before I boarded the plane today, a friend of mine sent over several bags of warm clothing but we couldn’t load it into the cargo compartment, so each of my disciples hand-carried two bags onto the plane.

“Last year, the Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation had already made plans to allocate 20 million RMB towards the Serious Illness and Treatment Facility for Youth in Qinghai Province program. But now a disaster has struck in Yushu, so the foundation especially donated 3 million RMB (US$439,477) for the children injured in the earthquake. The foundation will also provide assistance to the area."

To see photos of Jackie’s relief efforts, and read his full blog about the disaster, visit his official website.


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