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Earlier this month, Jackie Chan headed to Yushu, China, to bring aid to earthquake victims. He has now blogged about the experience.

“Yushu, literally translating to “jade tree” is considered the last paradise in China because of its beautiful scenery," wrote the star. "Yushu is also where the recent earthquake in China struck, leaving 1,484 dead, 1297 seriously injured, 11,849 injured and 332 missing as of 4/18/10.

“When I heard about the earthquake, I was in Taiwan location scouting – immediately called my staff to start buying supplies to help the victims. When my friends heard that I wanted to help, they started donating too. Since the response was so good, I decided to change my route. I would rent a plane to fly all the supplies over to the earthquake site.

“My staff and I planned very carefully a strategy to fly in a variety of supplies to Yushu, such as down jackets, rations, water and blankets.

“We walked for hours on top of rooftops of houses that have fallen down. It was not easy, not like a flat road that we always walk on. Everyone who survived were now living in tents. Even though some buildings looked perfectly fine, it was a mess inside. People lived in tents because they were scared that another earthquake would hit and they would be safer in tents instead of a house, that could possibly crash down on them.

“To think about everything, what is going on in the world? We can’t control the natural disaster, but we can control the human disaster. In fact, we create the human disaster! We have the ability to help people, but most of the time people are hurting people. We take years to build a house but one second to bomb it.”

The star immediately followed his trip to Yushu by heading to drought stricken areas in Yunan.

“I quickly went to work and started bringing water, oil and rice to different families. Doing charity work makes me the happiest.”

To read Jackie’s full blogs and see photos of the trips, click here.


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