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Earlier this year, reported on Richard Curtis' campaign to introduce a global tax on banks’ financial transactions to fight poverty. The Love Actually director has now launched a special video competition to help promote the idea.

Curtis will join Sienna Miller as a judge for the competition, which asks budding filmmakers to create a 60-90 second film highlighting the issues surrounding the “Robin Hood Tax”.

“We are looking for original and creative films that sell the idea of the Robin Hood Tax in new and exciting ways,” said Curtis. “We want anyone who watches the winning films to turn to the person next to them and say – ’I’m sure as hell supporting that!’”

According to the official competition rules: "The Robin Hood tax is a challenge to business as usual – and we want your films to reflect that. We want films that are imaginative, clever, ambitious, witty and entertaining. And of course we want your film to inspire others to sign up to the campaign.

“3 simple questions to get you started: 
Why is it a good idea? Why do you support it? What would you do with it?”

“By making a film you are not just helping the campaign, you are joining a generation that has started to say enough is enough,” said Sienna Miller. “We want to see your vision for the future, a future without poverty. The Robin Hood Tax is an idea whose time has come. Simply put – when governments tax the banks, they shouldn’t forget the poor and the planet.”

Prizes include a filmmaking class with Richard Curtis and a DV camera. There is also a category for 14-18 year olds that will be judged by Harry Potter’s Tom Felton.

“Young people know more than most how to use technology to their advantage so it will be exciting to see what they come up with for this competition,” said Felton. "Often young people’s voices are not considered on global issues like taxing banks for the poor and the planet, but believe me, they have an opinion and lots of ideas.

Watch a video of Sienna Miller talking about the competition here, then find out more about it at the official website.

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