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Celebrity Stephen Fry has helped a British family through a tough time via Twitter.

The British star wrote “Pls join me in supporting Rebecca and school friends walking 50 miles to give this little girl a fighting chance” on his Twitter stream to help a family pay back money they borrowed from a charity to treat their 2-year-old daughter – Rebecca – for neuroblastoma.

The Rogers family needed £250,000 from the 2Simple Trust for the treatment, but needed to pay back the cash to help other sick children.

“It’s really important that this money gets paid back as soon as possible,” Allison Rogers told The Sun. "Until that money goes back the next child can’t get help. It’s such a tiny charity – they can’t afford to help more than one child at a time.

“We’re not on Twitter ourselves so it was a complete shock. Stephen Fry saw a sponsored walk to raise money for Stella, donated £200 himself, then tweeted about it.

“We had at least £2,000 within a few hours. His tweet really lifted our spirits because I didn’t know what more to do to try to get this money back to the charity.”

£136,000 has been raised so far. To make a donation, click here.

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