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Gwyneth Paltrow is encouraging her fans to be more mindful of the environment following the Gulf Coast oil spill.

Writing on her website,, the actress recommends a book that helps highlight our own part in the disaster.

“A few months before BP’s disastrous oil spill, a book called Power Trip landed on my desk,” writes Gwyneth. "Thoroughly researched by writer Amanda Little, the book takes us across America, chronicling the history of our deep reliance on oil. In light of what’s happened, this fascinating book should now be a must read…Not only to understand the ways in which fossil fuel consumption has shaped us, but what we can now do to lessen (or even end) our dependence on this dwindling resource.

“Over the past two months, the spill has revealed the extreme but hidden risks of our oil usage. We have been quick to blame the greed and incompetence of BP and government regulators, but most of us have been slow to recognize our own roles, as consumers, in the catastrophe. The plain truth is that if we weren’t demanding so much oil, the industry wouldn’t be going to such extreme lengths to get it.”

Gwyneth goes on to recommend ways we can make our homes more environmentally-friendly, such as installing energy-saving lightbulbs, better insulation and more.

To read her full blog, click here.

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