Shakira has voiced her support for the 1GOAL campaign and discussed the importance of education in achieving peace and global security during a wide-ranging interview with YouTube as part of the campaign’s YouTube Interviews series.

Shakira answered questions about her music and the World Cup, but focused mostly on her support for education and how her childhood in Colombia impacted her commitment to education campaigning.

2500 questions were submitted by YouTube viewers and voted on by 40,000 people. The top voted questions were posed to the songstress during the 30 minute interview. Shakira spent the majority of the interview discussing her support for 1GOAL and her own organization, Pies Descalzos.

In response to the question, “What motivated you to join 1GOAL?” Shakira explained that a traumatic childhood experience informed her views on the importance of education. Shakira’s father lost his business when she was 8 causing her family to lose their car and to sell their furniture to pay the debt, prompting her realization that she needed education to succeed in life. She commented “I am convinced that education is the tool that will unlock every kids’ talent and potential…and I am convinced that education is the best deal for everyone; for the rich countries and the poor countries. When we invest in kids talent and potential we are securing a safer world.”

The interview has had over a million views in 2 days making it the the most watched in the series, which kicked off by interviewing President Obama in February.

To watch the full video, click here.

Source: 1GOAL

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