The Pearson Foundation and Room to Read, global organizations dedicated to promoting and enabling education in developing countries, today publicly announced their involvement in the new social benefit entertainment experience, Conspiracy For Good (CFG).

The two non-profit organizations are joining the new entertainment experience created by Emmy award winning transmedia storyteller and “Heroes” creator, Tim Kring. Uniquely interwoven into the story, The Pearson Foundation and Room to Read will become part of the Conspiracy For Good narrative operating alongside Nadirah, the main character, and participants to create real-world social and educational change.

Nokia and Room to Read have partnered to establish five libraries in Zambia – one of which will be constructed at the Chataika Basic School located in the village of Chataika – and to fund one year of holistic education for 50 girls in Zambia. Additionally, Nokia and the Pearson Foundation have partnered on a one-for-one giving campaign at whereby reading a free digital book online with a child, Pearson will donate a new paperback or hard-cover English-language book to Room to Read libraries across Zambia.

“Tim Kring and Nokia have developed a truly unique entertainment experience with Conspiracy For Good that not only creates an imaginative way for people to become involved with worthy causes and organizations like Room to Read, but it also succeeds in creating real-life, tangible libraries that will enrich the lives of thousands of Zambian children,” said Room to Read Founder and Board Chair, John Wood.

“Creating an entertainment platform that encourages participants to work together to do good is a terrific concept,” said Pearson Foundation President, Mark Nieker. “Conspiracy For Good brings people together in an innovative, engaging way, and in a way that will have real, immediate impact for young people who otherwise wouldn’t have access to books of their own.”

Utilizing Nokia’s Ovi platform, the new entertainment experience allows participants to become part of the story, find tools and clues to move the narrative forward both in the online and real worlds. Participants are urged to visit as part of the compelling story, in the process helping the CFG movement protect the planning of the Chataika Basic School library and find its missing teacher, Nadirah.

The Backstory (Fictional Plot)
Over the decades, members of Conspiracy For Good have been reputed to be quietly and effectively doing good in the world’s most troubled areas. But CFG is not without enemies, and it is now under fierce attack by Blackwell Briggs, a London-based multinational company committed to advanced infrastructure development and security services. Chataika Basic School teacher, Nadirah has recently disappeared whilst investigating an unlawful attempt to destroy the local school in favor of a fuel pipeline by the dubious Blackwell Briggs. For help, CFG turned to Kring, a master storyteller, to share their story, recruit new members to read the signs, and bring down Blackwell Briggs.

Joining the Conspiracy For Good
Anyone is welcome to join the action. You can participate from any country, and if you live in, or plan to visit London later this summer, there will be live meet-up activities with locations to be revealed as the story unfolds. Go to to register and get started. There is no cost to participate and no purchase is required.

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