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Jackie Chan has officially reached the end of his promotional tour for The Karate Kid by visiting Japan – and he had a special message for the fans who have donated money to his charities.

“I was very happy to put all of my donations together from my Japanese fans,” he wrote on his official blog. "For the last few days in Japan, my fans have been waiting at the hotel, airport and restaurant for hours just to give me charity money. They don’t even want photos or autographs, but to personally give me charity money. I appreciate that so much.

“Remember, when you donate one dollar, I will pay two dollars [meaning that Jackie keeps the original donations – bills or coins – to display]. In the past, I used to donate one dollar for every dollar you donate, but my fans started sending money that was folded so beautifully, into artwork! So I don’t want to use your money. I will put it in my museum. Instead, I will pay two dollars for every dollar you donate!”

As reported by, Jackie took two toy pandas – named La and Zy – with him on tour. He photographed the pandas in all the cities he visited while promoting The Karate Kid, and will donate them to charity.

“I am just so surprised that when I go anywhere with my two babies LA & ZY, people are screaming their names already! People are giving me clothes and pins for them! One of my fans even made his own set of babies and named them Han and Lee, after Mr. Han (Karate Kid) and Inspector Lee (Rush Hour). Fans, if you are also taking stuffed animals around the world, please send me the pictures! I would love to hear your stories, just like I hope you like to hear LA & ZY’s stories!”

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