Coming January 3-14, 2011, WorldServe International will embark on an amazing journey, and they’re inviting you to come along for the climb of a lifetime.

It’s Kili Climb 2011, led by photojournalist and Goodwill Ambassador Doug Pitt. Doug, younger brother of Brad Pitt, will be leading a group of 50 climbers to the peak of Africa’s highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro, as part of a million dollar fundraiser that will put fresh clean water in several villages throughout Tanzania and Kenya, Africa.

Nearly 1 billion people lack access to clean, safe water. In fact every 15 seconds an African child dies from a water-related disease simply because they don’t have clean water to drink and bathe in.

Kilimanjaro calls many adventurers to its slopes every year. Trekking to the peak takes you from the plains of Africa through rainforest, heather and moorland, and finally to the glaciated peak that rises above the clouds at 19,330 feet (5,895 meters). Reaching the summit is both a physical and a mental challenge.

This climb will prove to be monumental, not just in terms of the physical accomplishment of the climbers…but in terms of the number of people who are about to get clean water for the first time ever.

Who are these climbers? People just like yourself….students, business and church leaders, moms and dads from around the world! So, why not you?! WorldServe will coordinate climbers’ flights and accommodations, and provide skilled guides with years of experience. Each climber will also be assigned a porter to help carry all tents, food and gear – the only thing you’ll need to carry is drinking water.

Join the Kili Climb 2011 team…or sponsor a team member…and help WorldServe raise $1 million for clean water projects. Each climber will be matched with a specific village so they and their supporters know which community stands to benefit from their journey.

For more information or to sign up, email, and visit their website.

As a side note: One other way you can help WorldServe raise funds for water wells is by participating in a weekly on-line survey! All you have to do is sign up to answer questions about chocolate, and Hershey Chocolate Corporation will donate funds directly to WorldServe’s African water well program! Here’s what Ambassador Doug Pitt has to say about it!

To sign up to participate in the WorldServe International/Hershey survey please email WorldServe at and they will make sure the survey is sent your way!

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