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Following his recent donation of US$148,000 to victims of China’s mudslide victims, Jackie Chan has visited Zhouqu to lend a hand to those in need.

“Zhouqu County is situated in the northern part of Gannan Tibetian Autonomous Prefecture which is in the southern part of Gansu Province,” writes the action star on his official blog. "It is located on the boundary of Sichuan, Shanxi and Gansu Provinces.

“Before we reached Wudou, we saw all the houses that were destroyed by the mudslide and a lot of temporary tents set up on the side of the road. Even though it was getting dark, we still stopped, got out of the car and had a look.

“Seeing all the collapsed buildings and houses in the area and the very simplistic control center made us feel very solemn. Because it was getting dark, we had to get back in the car and continue our journey to Wudou County so we could meet with Zhouqu’s Health Department.

“Early in the morning, we met up with Director Li, who especially came from Zhouqu to welcome us in Wudou, and a very determined Manager Liu. Together we drove for two hours to Zhouqu. This is the place that we’ve all been worried about since the 8th of August.

“We organized a very simple donation ceremony and the county’s deputy head commissioner explained the current situation to us with teary eyes.

“A representative from the Beijing Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, the New Seven Little Fortunes, and representatives from organizations who have contributed donations to the cause, express[ed] their respects to the disaster struck area.

“The force of the mudslide destroyed buildings, homes and everything along its path as it swept through the town. The mudslide formed from a buildup of water behind a dam of debris blocking a small river north of the city, which continues to cause a threat to the safety of the town. The floodwaters have receded now.

“The county’s deputy head commissioner told us about the current situation of the disaster. He told us about a building that was lucky to survive the mudslide and a fortunate survivor who had to walk past floating dead bodies in a struggled to reach higher and safer lands. During the mudslide, when rescue workers were transporting survivors to higher grounds, they helplessly watched as people being washed away were still waving for help yet they couldn’t do anything to save them. Watching the life of a person being washed away and not being able to save them is most probably the cruelest thing to happen.

“Don’t cry Zhouqu. Go Zhouqu.”

To read the full blog and see photos of Jackie’s visit, click here.

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