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While polls show that most Americans are currently against the building of a so-called mosque near Ground Zero where New York’s Twin Towers came down on 9/11, director- activist Michael Moore is asking people to donate $1 each towards the building.

On HBO’s Bill Maher Show last week, Moore clarified a few points, one being that the intended building will not be a mosque, but rather a non-profit community center. “The ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ term was invented by the same people who gave us ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and other things that are meant to frighten people,” said Moore.

But his main point was about saving American principles such as the freedom of religion from getting hijacked by American extremists with un-American agendas. “We’re going to stand up for the people who are being bullied,” said Moore. “I don’t like bullies! So I ask people to donate a dollar.” So far, 70 thousand dollars have been raised, but still 60 to 70 percent of his countrymen don’t want Muslim representation in that area.

“Where is the Muslim free zone?” he asked, reminding the audience that, since over 60 Muslim-Americans perished in those towers, a Muslim-free Ground Zero is an impossibility anyhow. Despite the polls, Moore is hopeful that enough money will be raised: “The majority of Americans are kind of slow to get to the good place, and eventually they do, and then they elect an African American president.”

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