What is the number one killer of children in the developing world? Any guesses? It’s not HIV/AIDS. It’s not Malaria. It’s Pneumonia! And on November 12, awareness of this fact will be raised with World Pneumonia Day.

Save the Children is part of a coalition of more than 100 global health and humanitarian organizations working to build awareness and support around this unknown killer. We lose more than a million children under age five each year to this highly preventable and treatable illness. The antibiotics to save a life cost less than one dollar.

Spokesperson for the initiative is Grey’s Anatomy star Kevin McKidd, who says “Every single day, 3000 kids lose their lives to a highly treatable, highly preventable disease. So visit www.worldpneumoniaday.org and see how you can help make a difference. Become a Pneumonia Fighter, and help save a child’s life today.”

To watch a video of Kevin talking about World Pneumonia Day, click here.

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