Heather Mills is one of a host of British celebrities who have contributed to VeggieVision.TV’s new FREE guide to a Loving and Surviving Your Vegetarian Christmas.

The digital guide is packed with pressie ideas , celebrity tips and lots of advice from experts as well as from fellow vegetarians who have enjoyed years of veggie and vegan Christmases.

Contributors include people all over the UK as well as:

  • Essex Rock Musician DRIVER
  • Passionate vegan Heather Mills
  • Radio 2 presenter Janey Lee Grace
  • Vegan cookery author Tony Bishop Western
  • And the ‘Delia Smith’ for veggie cookery Rose Elliot

Worried readers who have a vegetarian relative coming for Christmas dinner or your veggie readers who needs inspiration and fresh ideas for enjoying a meat free Christmas – the new VeggieVision.TV has the answers!

“I love making a huge roast dinner for everyone including roast sweet potatoes, parsnips – lots of veggies that are home grown and lashings of vegan gravy to go with our meatless turkey,” says Heather Mills.

Some of the tips include:

  • If you have a veggie guest coming for Christmas dinner make sure that the vegetables and roast potatoes are cooked separately from the meat. Gravy can easily be made without animal products.
  • Check ingredients of mince pies and Christmas puddings – and ask! Simply ask your guest what they do or don’t eat, where they buy products from – and even if they could bring something to share.
  • Maybe ask everyone to bring something veggie friendly to share so they don’t feel like the odd one out.
  • There are lots of tasty meat free roasts so the veggie Christmas dinner could look just like to traditional roast – Many people just love the stuffing (not from inside a bird!) potatoes and veg – so it could be a simple as leaving off the turkey.

“I love Christmas and usually have 30 people round,” says Heather. “A Vegan celebration is the only way to party!”

For your FREE copy, click here.

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