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Actress Charlotte Ross – who objected to crimes against chimpanzees last week – recently spoke of her support of Operation Blankets of Love, a charity that collects recycled and new pet-related items for homeless animals.

“[The charity] really started working right out of their garage with blankets and towels and toys for the shelters,” she said in a recent interview on “On the surface it sounds maybe not that needed, but the fact is on the cement floors, particularly when its cold, shelters can’t afford to keep these dogs warm all the time. If the dogs have a blankie or a toy, it sounds so simple but it’s true, it can make them more adoptable because they are more comfortable, they are more excited, they have a smile on their face. It can literally save lives. They have grown from there—they have kind of become the red cross of shelter animals.”

Charlotte Ross and friends
Charlotte Ross and friends

“As an example, when you see a pet hoarder on the news, you wonder what happens after they have been discovered? Operation Blankets of Love comes in, takes them out within an hour of the discovery and cleans them up and trys to find homes for them with different shelters, rescue groups and no-kill. Really, what they are is a 911 service for all the animal organizations out there that are trying to do it on their own. Maybe the organization is smaller and they need crates, blankets and food. And if some of these shelters have an abundance of small dogs—it might be somewhere in the country where a lot of people want small dogs but there are not a lot of small dogs for adoption—so Operation Blankets of Love will pull them from the Los Angeles shelters and then take care of all the travel. There is almost no funding for these city shelters, as you know, which is tragic. So, these are the efforts that make a difference in saving lots of lives.”

Find out more about the charity here.

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