We Are Family Foundation's (WAFF) Three Dot Dash Initiative has selected In A Perfect World's Youth Ambassador Bosilika An as their 2011 Global Teen Leader.

The distinguished selection committee chose An from an extraordinary group of teen nominees that displayed leadership and vision, to help initiate a project that addresses one or more basic human needs.

Acceptance as Global Teen Leader will allow An to attend the initiative’s “Just Peace Summit” in March 2011, where she will learn the tools to effectively “tell her story”, promote her work and inspire others to do their part to make the world a much more peaceful place.

As part of her assignment and the Three Dot Dash Initiative, An will be also be assigned a mentor for one year and given a small stipend that will enable her to expand her project and create a larger awareness about her work.

Nominated by In A Perfect World (IAPW), An modeled the perfect nominee, she displayed dedication and was an active teenager, whose committed charitable work, philanthropy and desire to be a trailblazer in her generation and society as a whole, set her apart from all the others. “We couldn’t be more proud of Bosilika & her work as a Youth Ambassador.” Says Manuela Testolini, Founder of In A Perfect World, “Being chosen as a Global Teen Leader is an honor that will give her the opportunity to have an even greater impact.”

In addition to leading the Teen’s Guide to Saving the World at IAPW’s I Am Perfect-Exactly As I Am event hosted by Shaun Robinson, Fifteen year old An has already begun writing a guide to philanthropy and a speakers series, to encourage her message of teen advocacy. “Philanthropy and self-driven success are the two most important things in my family.” Says An, “I grew up with my granny teaching me to believe that, there will always be someone above you, and someone below you but no one as incredible as you.”

An already has countless plans after her college graduation, but her desires to encourage teens through her project The BASH, an annual fundraiser benefiting teenagers at Children’s Hospitals in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County, hopes to expand it into a national brand that can be lead by teens from various cities around the world.

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