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Icelandic singer Bjork had a lot to sing about last weekend as she held a three day karaoke marathon in protest over a takeover of an Icelandic energy company by Canadian firm Magma Energy.

The singer’s The Voice of the Nation group held the competition in Reykjavik and garnered 46,000 signatures in a petition, more than the 35,000 needed for the country’s government to reconsider allowing the takeover.

The contest, “Declare Independence”, was held during the Icelandic holiday of Threttandinn – which according to folklore is where elves and magical creatures come out to party alongside humans. It’s been rumored that numerous elves were seen dancing while Bjork performed her version of Joy Division’s ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’.

One of the heads of the campaign, writer Oddny Eir Aevarsdottir, said of the success of the karaoke contest: “It’s nice to wake up and see that more than 46,000 have signed the petition. Now karaoke events are popping up around the country, so we are going to let it roll until they are finished and then hand the petition over.”

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