Find A Dream – a nonprofit organization that reaches out to community children and provides them a healthy channel to find and work towards fulfilling a dream – has recently announced that actor Quinton Aaron, known for his outstanding role in The Blind Side, has come aboard the organization.

Since appearing in the 2009 Oscar nominated movie, Aaron has quickly become one of the most recognized face in the entertainment industry. Despite having several projects in the works for 2011, Aaron is very adamant about working with charities which allow him to enrich the lives of young kids. As well as becoming part of Find A Dream, he will be participating in the upcoming celebrity basketball game Hoops for Hope.

“I love doing anything that I can to help give back to the kids, mainly because I’ve been where they are and I know what it is like to be in their shoes,” said Aaron. “So if there is any chance I can be of help to someone less fortunate than me who looks up to me, I will do whatever I can. I want to show the kids that they don’t have to go through everything I went through.”

Find A Dream focuses on shaping and redirecting the lives of youths and young adults of every socio-economic background, and is founded on the belief that personal and social changes come about when people work as a team.

“Quinton is living proof to these kids we work with that if you work hard, have discipline and follow your dreams, you can get anything you want,” said Rod Ricciardi, co-founder of Find A Dream. “He has overcome and worked through much adversity in his life, and because he stayed determined to make a name for himself, he has become one of the top actors in Hollywood.”

Find A Dream is a nonprofit organization unlike any other. They have partnered with professionals to deliver on their promise of positive change in young lives. Communities become stronger when youth is mentored through people of character with a true interest in pouring constructive, character-building activities and input into their lives.

“My goal is to pretty much let kids know that no matter what their past or current position is, or whatever problems they may have gone through or are going through, they can get to where they want to be in life,” said Aaron. “The most important thing for them to remember is to always believe in their heart that they can do it, and then they will.”

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