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As media reported about the family wreckages across the United States following the economic crash of 2008, including foreclosures, job loss and financial ruin, most fingers pointed blame towards banks and bankers. The new independent film Margin Call, which played at Sundance Film Festival last month and is showing now at Berlin’s film festival, takes a closer look at the role bankers played in the lead up to the crash.

“There was a period of time where you couldn’t pick up a newspaper and not read that every banker was the most horrible and greedy person that walked the face of the earth,” says Kevin Spacey, who stars in the film.

Mindful that consumers also played a role in “the system”, Spacey says, “The truth is, and I think what we’ve tried to illuminate in the film, is that in a lot of cases, [bankers] are just regular people, who have regular jobs, who aren’t making gazillions of dollars and who have to follow orders.”

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