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Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and partner Portia de Rossi are big fans of an amazing organization called The Gentle Barn, which rescues and rehabilitates farm animals in need of help.

After learning about the charity in September 2009, Ellen sent Portia on a field trip to visit the rescued animals, which she video-taped and shared with Ellen’s viewers.

“Portia and I recently learned about an incredible organization called The Gentle Barn,” writes Ellen on her website. “It’s located in Santa Clarita, California and it’s home to 120 farm animals that have been rescued from abusive situations. At The Gentle Barn, these animals are loved, cared for and rehabilitated. The Gentle Barn also brings in at-risk and special needs kids to learn about the animals, about trust, and most importantly, about compassion.”

On March 6, the Gentle Barn will be throwing a Mardi Gras style ‘Party with The Pigs’ from 10:00AM -2:00PM. For a $5.00 donation, you can mix and mingle with a variety of animals while helping the Gentle Barn continue in their quest to save them, and, it appears that both Ellen and Portia will be there, as they continue to promote the organization via Ellen’s website under Ellen’s Pet Initiative page.

The Gentle Barn is a nonprofit 501©3 corporation. It was founded in 1999 by Ellie R. Laks and is now run by Ellie and Jay Weiner, who joined forces in 2002. Ellie and Jay had similar childhoods where they both felt alone, unseen and misunderstood. For both of them it was from animals that they received their attention, friendship, and unconditional love. Having been saved by animals it was their dream to have a place that allows children to be supported and healed by animals like they had been. Ellie and Jay live on the property with their three children.

Ellie and Jay see their 130 rescued farm animals as teachers, healers, friends and hero’s. Every animal at their place has been rescued from horrible abuse, neglect, and loneliness, and yet they have all survived using forgiveness, trust, love, and courage. These are the qualities that Ellie and Jay strive for on a daily basis, and that they teach the children that visit The Gentle Barn.

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