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Tracy McGrady entered the National Basketball Association in 1996 as the third youngest player ever drafted out of high school. Since then, he’s nabbed seven NBA All-Star awards and currently plays for the Houston Rockets. But it’s T-Mac’s efforts at spreading the love that has this writer giving him an ‘off-the-court’ All-Star award.

Since it’s inception about ten years ago, the Tracy McGrady Foundation has made substantial contributions to several charities and non-profit organizations, including the Special Olympics and the Boys' and Girls' Clubs of America. McGrady also plays Santa every year during his annual Holiday Toy Drive before bringing the kids to Toys R Us for a giant shopping spree; he loves to feed the elderly at Thanksgiving; he holds celebrity softball games to raise money for needy kids; he has renovated and reconstructed two learning centres at elementary schools in Houston; and he recently teamed up with The Enough Project to get a firsthand look at the genocide in Darfur

“Once you know what is happening over there,” said McGrady, “you’ll understand and will want to make a difference.”

McGrady’s stab at making a difference comes via a documentary he shot while visiting the Sudan. “I can’t wait for to you see the film, hear their stories, and know how easy it is to help,” he wrote on his website. “These are our brothers, our sisters, our children. They are in need and what if, just what if, we all do a small part to help. All those little things can help the people, and might help end this genocide.”

McGrady also runs one of the most popular basketball camps for kids, the T-Mac’s Approach Basketball Camp, which runs from June 23-27 in Texas.

“It is not just basketball that the kids are learning at our camp,” said T-Mac. “They leave with an appreciation of good sportsmanship and the knowledge that with dedication and commitment you can accomplish your goals”.

McGrady’s efforts seem contagious, and this week Wealth Masters International became the ‘Community Leadership Sponsor’ after donating $10,000 to his Camp.

“There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that you have positively influenced the life of a child, and we are proud to be able to support a charity that allows us to see and experience first-hand the positive reinforcement these kids receive through Tracy’s basketball camp,” said CEO Kip Herriage when asked why he chose to lead the initiative in Wealth Master’s sponsorship of the camp.
“I can tell you that spending quality time with a person of Tracy’s integrity will have a positive impact on their lives.”

Ensuring that all children have the opportunity to attend, Wealth Masters has also unveiled an initiative that will allow 3 children between the ages of 8 and 13 years old to write an essay on why they should be selected to attend the camp this year. Each child that is chosen will receive round trip airfare as well as room and board.

“I began this process knowing that I could utilize my corporate partner and celebrity status to bring needed funds and attention to programs across the country,” said McGrady. “I want to thank you for your participation, commitment and support of my summer basketball camp program. I am honored to have Wealth Masters International as our Community Leadership Sponsor. My basketball camp is important to me and I appreciate sponsors like yourself that support our efforts.”

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