Alicia Silverstone has joined PETA's campaign calling on all decent people to speak out against Dog Wars, Kage Games’ new app for Android in which players participate in a digital version of dogfighting.

Silverstone—along with thousands of other PETA members and supporters—is calling on Google and Kage Games to pull the violent game from the Android Marketplace on the grounds that it promotes an illegal activity in which dogs are starved, beaten, shot, and forced to rip each other to shreds. Dogfighting is a felony offense in all 50 states.

“When I read about the new game Dog Wars, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” she said in a letter. “As a mom-to-be and someone who has adopted and loved rescued pit bulls, I join PETA’s millions of members in imploring you to cancel this game immediately. If one dog dies as a result of this game, you will not forgive yourself.”

The actress is also calling on her fans to keep donating to those in need in Japan via the Red Cross and other organizations, stating on her blog:

“Many of you have probably donated already, but I just wanted to send a little reminder that suffering continues even after the media moves on.”

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