Ben Vereen, legendary entertainer, will attend The All Stars talent show in Harlem on Saturday, May 14 at 3:00 PM at Bread and Roses High School where 100 inner city youth from throughout New York City will produce and perform in a vibrant hip-hop talent show featuring songs, dance and rap.

The All Stars Talent Show Network (ASTSN) involves thousands of young people ages 5 to 25 in creating developmental culture through producing and performing in auditions, workshops and talent shows in neighborhood school auditoriums.

“The All Stars is taking the arts into the community and developing a bridge that allows us to see a better way to a future for all of us. When All Stars comes into the poor community, opportunity is built.” states Ben Vereen who was recently awarded the All Stars Project’s 2011 Bridge Building Award for Leadership in Community Relations.

ASTSN is a flagship program of the All Stars Project, Inc. (ASP) a national non-profit organization that sponsors after-school programs for inner-city youth, employing an innovative performance-based approach. All Stars broadens the cultural horizons of young people from poor communities by connecting them to world class artists and business leaders.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the All Stars Project is 100% privately-funded. Year round performance based activities are free to all young people and are supported by a new kind of philanthropic partnership between philanthropists, artists, business leaders and the youth. The ASP is headquarter in New York on West 42nd Street and it reaches 10,000 young people nationwide in New York City, Newark, NJ, Chicago, IL, and the San Francisco Bay Area. The All Stars can be found on the web at

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