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Miley Cyrus has recorded a video for a charity-based social networking site which she supports., the offspring of non-profit organization Youth Service America, is a virtual social network where young people are connected to volunteer opportunities in their communities. Get Ur Good On embraces all kinds of causes and gives grants for young people to take action and get involved in any way that they prefer.

“The mission of the foundation… is [for] kids to encourage other kids not to spend time putting each other down, but to come together and meet through this, and for it not to be about anything else but love and the passion of doing good,” Miley says in the new video. "The biggest way to do that is through the internet. So I wanted people to be on the internet, talking about what needs to be done and what they should be doing to encourage other kids. You can do anything [on the site] that inspires you, it’s what you want to change and what you want to do. It’s kids making their opinions matter and getting out there and changing the world.

“Go to and tell your story.”

Encouraging people her own age and younger to support charity and make the world a better place has been a passion for the star for a number of years.

“If you pick up a guitar when you’re 8, you’re really good at it by the time you’re 20,” she told Time Magazine in 2008. “It’s the same with giving back. My family has been visiting Kentucky coal-mine towns since I was little. We take clothes, gifts, and school supplies. It’s an eye opener for me, seeing families here in America living in Third World conditions. And it makes me want to make a difference. The truth is, it’s never too early to get involved. Someday today’s kids will be running for President. Now is our prep time. We need to get some practice in before we save the world.”

To watch Miley’s new video, click here.

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