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Barbra Streisand has made a large donation to one of the most famous medical centers in Los Angeles, and the funds will be used to benefit women’s health.

In a statement made by the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, hospital officials have confirmed that the 65-year-old singer has donated $5 million to the facility for a new women’s heart center. The Barbra Streisand Women’s Cardiovascular Research and Education Program aims to increase the level of research into female heart disease, and raise the level of awareness in the community.

“Cardiovascular disease is the leading killer of women,” said Dr. Eduardo Marban of Cedars-Sinai. “The medical system has failed to recognize female-pattern heart attack systems; current testing and treatments are geared toward male physiology.”

The new program will conduct trials of new drugs for women, and also try to identify the role of gender in heart disease and work on ways of reducing the risk.

“Women need to be educated about female cardiovascular disease, and the medical community must be propelled toward change,” said Steisand. “Just like with breast cancer, the impetus must come from women themselves, striving to become empowered to reduce their risks for heart disease.”

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