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A new book featuring inspirational stories from sufferers of Parkinson’s disease has got some celebrity help.

Holly Robinson-Peete has written a forward for “Proud Hands”, the new book that is a combination of personal photos and stories submitted by 28 patients and caregivers across America to provide encouragement to the more than 1 million people in the U.S. who are affected by Parkinson’s disease, and the actress will also launch the book at the annual Parkinson’s Unity Walk on April 26 at Central Park in New York City. In addition, several storytellers from “Proud Hands,” and representatives from Teva Neuroscience and the American Parkinson Disease Association, will be there to talk about the importance of learning to live well with the condition. Participants attending the Unity Walk will also be able to reserve a copy of “Proud Hands” at the Teva Neuroscience booth.

“It’s efforts such as this one made by Teva Neuroscience that allows my organization, The HollyRod Foundation, to continue serving the Parkinson’s disease community throughout the United States," said Holly Robinson Peete. “The ‘Proud Hands’ book is a great way to create awareness about a disease that affects the lives of so many people and, at the same time, give hope to those who have the disease.”

Peete has dedicated herself to helping people live since she founded The HollyRod Foundation – which provides medical, financial, emotional, and physical support to sufferers – with her husband, Rodney, in 1997. They established the foundation after the death of her father, Matt Robinson, who battled the disease for many years.

The book is available at for $15, and the proceeds will go to the American Parkinson Disease Association to assist the organization in its research, support, and education initiatives.

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