Actress Jennie Garth (What I Like About You, Beverly Hills 90210) has been named ambassador for the Water4 Foundation, a charity based out of Oklahoma City that not only provides clean water to rural communities but acts as a catalyst for change by training, equipping, and supporting nationals to be the solution to their own community’s need.

One in eight people across the globe lack access to clean water and 4,100 children die each day from problems related to unclean drinking water, making the issue one of the world’s leading humanitarian crises.

In her role as ambassador, Jennie kicked off Water4’s holiday giving campaign that encourages giving in a loved one’s name to provide water to thousands of families around the world.

“Sometimes we take for granted that every day we will have clean water to drink, but for many people in different parts of the world, that is not the case,” said Jennie. “I am so thrilled to be working with such a great organization like Water4, whose vision goes far beyond just bringing communities wells and clean water. Water4 empowers them with the skills and equipment to become self-sustaining rather than reliant on outside aid.”

Among her upcoming projects with the nonprofit, this holiday season Jennie will help promote their “Give the Gift of Life” campaign, which allows people to donate money in the name of a loved one, who will receive an official Water4 waterbottle and a certificate showing which area of the world their donation is helping.

“We are very fortunate to have a dedicated advocate such as Jennie Garth to help support and promote Water4’s mission on behalf of the people we serve,” said Richard C. Greenly, who cofounded Water4 with his wife Terri L. Greenly. “Clean drinking water is vital to everything we are able to accomplish as human beings and we look forward to working with Jennie to meet this need for hundreds of thousands of people around the world in a way that’s both sustainable and replicable.”

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