George Clooney has put his name to a special message from the Clinton Foundation.

“I’ve seen how just one person can change a community,” he writes. "A farmer who sells his crops at a fair price can earn enough income to send his daughter to school. That means she can fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse, and later return home with the skills to save lives in her community.

“That’s precisely what the Clinton Foundation is accomplishing in places like Rwanda, where one program improved harvests 240% – providing 30,000 people with food and thousands of farmers with additional income.

“Results like this are why I’m in awe of President Clinton's efforts around the world. But he can’t accomplish this alone – we need your help.

“Here is your moment. Give today, and President Clinton will contribute $2 for every $1 you donate. It’s an incredible opportunity, only available until Saturday, so please give generously.

“During my trips across Africa, I’ve seen firsthand how it’s possible to dramatically change entire communities for the better through simple innovations such as developing farmer cooperatives or providing access to high-quality fertilizer.

“Still, implementing simple solutions can be a serious challenge, requiring cooperation among large groups of people or governments to overcome hurdles along the way, as well as the commitment to see it through to completion.

“But this is exactly what makes President Clinton so effective. He has a truly unique ability to bring people together and make things happen.

“President Clinton’s leadership, coupled with Clinton Foundation supporters making investments in entrepreneurship, clean energy, and health care in every corner of the world, is the perfect recipe for making a lasting impact.

“We can’t all go to Rwanda to teach better farming techniques. But today, you can join President Clinton and make your support go further by having your donation matched, $2 for every $1.

“Thank you for taking a stand against the world’s most pressing problems.”

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