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Actor, director, activist and humanitarian, John Cusack, asks ‘What would you do with $3 Trillion dollars?’ Would you feed a war torn country? Would you spend it on a night with David Beckham? Use it to build a school in Tibet? Or would you spend it to wage war?

Prompted by his role in the soon to be released film War Inc., Cusack bashes the high cost of war and begs us all to take a closer look at where our priorities lie.

“Honestly, it would have been a whole lot easier just to follow the President’s example and blow it all on one illegal occupation of Iraq. $3 trillion is the projected cost of the Iraq War according to Nobel Prize-winning economists,” writes Cusack on his blog, “That’s a whole lot of zeroes, but what does it really amount to? How many homes would it buy for Americans who’ve fallen victim to the subprime meltdown? How many debts would it pay off for developing nations?”

To find out exactly what you could buy on a $3 Trillion Dollar spending spree, visit You can restore the Everglades for $20M, end poverty for $200M, eliminate third world debt for $422M and still have plenty left over to buy yourself a private island or two. The site thankfully illustrates that most of us would spread the love if given the reins, and to date over 800,000 people have logged on and ‘virtually’ improved the world.

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