Bill Clinton wants to hear from you about an exciting new project he is involved with.

“I wanted to share with you the latest update on our work in Rwanda,” he said in an email to supporters of the Clinton Foundation. "After three years of planning, and together with local investors, we’ve just broken ground on a new soy processing plant in the Eastern Province.

“A soy processing plant may not seem very exciting at first glance, but this new business will help improve thousands of lives in the surrounding community:

  • 30,000 soy farmers will now have a stable buyer for their harvest and will be able to increase their incomes;
  • the processing plant itself will create hundreds of jobs for the local community;
  • and, the processing plant will produce the region’s only cooking oil, saving money on import costs.

“This kind of success is exactly what I had in mind when we began this work. It is sustainable, productive, and puts the community it serves in control of its own future.

“It’s fascinating how a small plant can make such a positive impact on local people, and I would love to give you specific details of the project.

“Send me your questions about this exciting new project that will touch the lives of more than 30,000 Rwandans, and I’ll answer some in an upcoming video.”

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