is gearing up for its first ever Water Games, Walk for Africa Campaign.

Teens will take action and build awareness around the lack of access to clean water in developing nations by organizing water walks in their communities. If they mobilize 15K teens to participate in water walks, they will build a well for a community in Swaziland through support from The Thirst Project.

The extremely popular book series, The Hunger Games – now a movie starring Josh Hutcherson, Jennifer Lawrence and Lenny Kravitz – follows characters living in an oppressed society. The story cleverly introduces the struggles impoverished citizens face from a lack of resources, including water access. This fictional theme mirrors the real-world struggles that millions face in the absence of clean drinking water. By organizing water walks, teens will raise awareness and aid in building a drinking-well for a community in need.

• Women and children who do not have access to clean water can walk up to 3 hours a day. Young girls are often forced to abandon school in search for clean water. This trend typically leads into adulthood, further perpetuating female disempowerment.
• Water walks are community events where groups of people walk for an extended time to raise awareness about the world water crisis.
• You can make a difference by hosting a water walk with your friends. If 15 thousand teens walk, The Thirst Project will build a well in Swaziland, Africa.

1. Register your district (team) to walk for a community in need.
2. Check out the resource guide which provides helpful tips for making your walk successful.
3. After you’ve completed your walk, report back with pictures, videos and stories!

Walk participants will be entered to win prizes including:

• A trip to the Do Something Awards this summer
• Movie tickets for their team
• Participants who invite 5 friends to walk will be entered to win a $2000 scholarships

The campaign runs March 19th through April 13th. Winners will be announced in the week of May 7. More info can be found here.

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