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Earlier this month, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady stepped up his support for Best Buddies International by reaching into his own pocket for a hefty donation. During the Audi Best Buddy cycling challenge fundraiser, Best Buddies founder Anthony Kennedy Shriver challenged the crowd to raise $50,000 in two minutes. Thankfully, Brady grabbed the microphone, worked his magic and rallied the crowd to donate $26,000. He then pledged to pay the remaining $24,000 himself.

“Anthony called and said, ‘you know you’ve had some hard luck the last few years, what do you think of coming to Best Buddies for a ride?’” commented Brady at the event. “I said ‘how can I turn that down?’ So being the superstitious player that I am, I know you guys expect a great year, and Best Buddies has had a great year.”

The star-quarterback arrived at the event in his new Audi RS4, courtesy of a partnership between Audi and Best Buddies. As Brady drove the sports car into a tent set up adjacent to event at the JFK Library, U2’s “Vertigo” was playing on the PA. “I think I just passed a state trooper,” joked Brady. He then generosly surprised his five Patriot linemen by giving each of them an Audi Q7 SUV. “These will keep you well-protected, just like you make me feel sometimes,” said Brady.

The Audi Best Buddy cycling challenge raises money for Best Buddies International, an organization that helps those with intellectual disabilities by promoting friendships and integrated employment.

Brady has been involved with Best Buddies since 2003, and recently announced that he’ll be the honorary chairman for the next three years. Other celebrities supporters included former Olympic track star Carl Lewis, Ally McBeal actor Greg Germann, and actress Maureen McCormick of The Brady Bunch.

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