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A special auction on eBay last week helped raise more than $18,000 for children’s charity War Child.

A host of celebrities, including Girls Aloud and Keane, donated items for a special celebrity auction for the charity, which raises money to support children acutely affected by conflict in some of the world’s most dangerous war zones.

A number of items at the auction gained special attention, including a pair of signed Spin paintings by Damien Hirst that sold for around $8,000 each. A pair of shoes donated by Keane vocalist Tom Chaplin sold for $900, and a painting by Girls Aloud went out for $160.

Girls Aloud, a British girl group formed in 2002, also showed their humanitarian side last week when they met a little girl backstage whose father had recently died.

Macie Nunn, five, wrote to the group to tell them about the difficult year her family has had since her dad Mark, 37, collapsed and died of an undetected heart condition at work last May.

“We were going to the concert anyway but I thought it would be extra nice if Macie could meet the girls,” said Macie’s mother, Jude. “We were amazed when we got a call on Sunday at 7am from one of the girl’s assistants saying that she’d like to organize a meet and greet for us before the concert.”

Macie was extremely excited about the band’s invitation, and it will be an experience she will remember for a long time.

“Kimberley [one of the singers] hugged, cuddled, and kissed Macie the way I do,” said Jude. “She was so nice and all of the girls were so moved by her bravery. Macie had lipstick on her cheek and she didn’t want to wash it off. It was so nice that the girls took time out to meet their fans, and Macie was over-the-moon. We’ve both been hyper ever since.”

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