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“The open plains of the asphalt jungle, home to many creatures great and small, and the pupping ground for one of the most clever and illustrious creatures, the plastic bag.” So begins the mockumentary of “The Majestic Plastic Bag”, narrated by actor Jeremy Irons.

The life cycle of the common plastic white grocery bag that the film follows begins in a concrete city in California, and as it migrates “home” to the garbage patch in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, there are many dangers it must navigate through.

The first few hours after being released into the wild are particularly dangerous for the bag, since it hasn’t had a chance to develop survival skills but its enemies are many. Park services workers pierce plastics with litter stick pickup tools and stuff them into garbage cans; deadly Yorkshire terriers found throughout California dog parks sneak attack free floating bags, often ripping them to shreds with their teeth; and reeds and branches snag them up as bags proceed down rivers.

Those that make it to the sea then have to defend themselves from sea animal attacks. Not all plastics survive the trek to the oasis in the Pacific. However, many have survived the journey to join millions of tones of petroleum species living in peaceful co-existence. Trapped by the currents, they form a mass said to be twice the size of Texas.

You can view the video clip here.

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